Callan Method

The Callan Method is a fast and a very effective method for gaining an immediate grasp of the language. The method provides 4 times more intensive practice of speaking and listening skills improving communication 4 times faster than any other form of learning. It is easy, efficient and guarantees excellent results in a short period of time.


Comparing the Callan Method with other traditional way of learning:

During one lesson of the Callan Method a student listens to about 12.600 words, which makes 240 a minute comparing with about 300 words an hour during a traditional lesson.

Mastering a foreign language at a First Certificate level usually takes up to 4 years in an ordinary school, comparing with about 160 hours of learning using the Callan Method.

The impressive results of the method are due to its fast teaching tempo, and systematic revisions of the course material. Fast and intensive speaking keeps students’ attention on learning, learns quick reflexes, and helps memorizing new material. Additionally the speed and intensiveness of speaking develop the ability to think and to speak fluently in English rather than teach how to translate the grammatical structures.

Concentrating on mastering communicative skills does not leave out writing and reading exercises though. Throughout the year students work with the handbook, and learn both written and spoken language simultaneously. Writing and reading exercises are also conducted as a regular part of the course. This shows that Callan Method develops all 4 language skills: listening, speaking, writing and reading, with just giving more emphasise on verbal communication.

The Callan Method is effective and does not require spending much time on written homework. It is easy and appropriate for everyone regardless of age, level of English and the aim of learning. It develops concentration skills, the ability to give quick answers, and breaks the language barrier strengthening self-confidence in own communication skills.

The method is ideal for those for whom the traditional teaching methods are not sufficient to speak fluently. The surveys shows that for the Cambridge exams, the Callan Method has a pass rate of about 95%, compared with the international average of around 70%, as shown in the statistics published by Cambridge University.

Levels of English proficiency

The whole course material is provided in 10 handbooks which include small dictionary and audio material (MP3).
Mastering the course content requires about 160 teaching lessons.

The educational content is divided into 10 levels of proficiency

Level 1 – understanding of 250 words

Level 2 – understanding of 500 words

The students can communicate with simple words and use them in simple contexts. He does not know the basic grammatical structure and cannot use the language in any professional context at all.

Level 3 – understanding of 750 words

Level 4 – understanding of 1000 words.

Pre-Intermediate 1 – Pre-Intermediate 2

Equivalent to Cambridge: Key English Test (KET).

Student understands simple sentences and questions. He can manage to communicate what he needs and to give basic information. He is able to read and to write sentences using basic structures. He is beginning understand the language with assistance.

Level 5 – understanding of 1250 words

Level 6 – understanding of 1500 words

Intermediate 1 – Intermediate 2

Student understands a native speaking on general subjects in daily situations. He understands the “gist” and knows how to read simple texts.

Level 7 – understanding of 1750 words

Equivalent to Preliminary English Test (PET)

Level 8 – understanding of 2000 words

Upper-Intermediate 1 – Upper-Intermediate 2

Understands a native speaking normally about a familiar subject and is able to maintain an extended conversation. The student can talk with a colleague, and can understand texts on well-known subjects. Student knows how to write simple texts.

Level 9 – understanding of 2500 words

Level 10 – understanding of 3000 words

Higher 1 – Higher 2

Equivalent to First Certificate in English (FCE)
The students can survive in a professional context abroad, able to communicate his ideas and opinions and to understand a group of different speakers. He knows how to make telephone calls, translate documents and write letters.

Additional levels

Level 11 and 12 – understanding of 4300 words

Advanced 1 – Advanced 2

Student can understand language in any context and take part in group discussions. He can participate in meetings and make oral presentations. Student knows how to take notes and compile reports. Student can work abroad effectively.