We are all aware that the effectiveness of learning a foreign language largely depends on two main factors: learning method and ability to convey the knowledge. It is important that our teachers not only have a degree or appropriate qualifications, but also the skills that enable them to provide students with an environment that is conducive to learning.

Therefore in order to meet our Clients high expectations, we only employ highly qualified teachers who are able to attract our students’ attention with positive attitude and encourage learning English more effectively.

English Language Teacher Konrad Sosinski
Konrad Sosiński (BA, MA)

Let’s Talk School Principal

English Language Teacher

Konrad is the Principal and one of the teachers at Let’s Talk School, specialising in the Callan method and English pronunciation. Konrad is qualified with BA degree in English Philology and Language and Human Communication & Business Management studies and MA in Translating and Interpreting from the University of Westminster. He commits himself fully to every class, encouraging an interactive atmosphere for his students.

English Language Teacher Dorota Biega

Dorota Biega

English Language Teacher

Dorota has a degree in English Philology specialising in teaching and translation. She is an extremely experienced teacher who has taught across various schools from primary to upper-secondary level. She is an enthusiastic and experienced teacher with a strong background in private and public education. She likes helping students to overcome obstacles in English grammar and gain confidence in day to day communication.

English Language Teacher Joanna Wiera

Joanna Wiera

English Language Teacher

Joanna has a BA degree in Social Sciences and MA degree in Human Rights, and is currently studying MA in Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages. She has been teaching in LET’S TALK school since its foundation and is trained to teach both Callan and Standard method. She loves teaching and interacting with students.